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Essential Mathematics for Science and Technology: A Self-Learning Guide, 1st Edition

  • Kenneth A Stroud
  • Dexter J Booth
  • ISBN-10: 0831133910
  • ISBN-13: 9780831133917
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

This is an entry level text for a wide range of courses in computer science, medicine, health sciences, social sciences, business, engineering and science. Using the phenomenally successful approach of the bestselling Engineering Mathematics by the same authors, it takes you through the math step-by-step with a wealth of examples and exercises. It is an appropriate refresher or brush-up for sci-tech and business students whose math skills need further development.


  • Offers a unique module approach that takes users through the mathematics in a step-by-step fashion with a wealth of worked examples and exercises.

  • Contains Quizzes, Learning Outcomes and Can You? Checklists that guide readers through each topic and focus understanding.

  • Ideal as reference or a self-learning manual.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Arithmetic
Chapter 2: Introduction to Algebra
Chapter 3: Expressions and Equations
Chapter 4: Graphs
Chapter 5: Linear Equations
Chapter 6: Polynomial Equations
Chapter 7: Partial Fractions
Chapter 8: Trigonometry
Chapter 9: Functions
Chapter 10: Matrices
Chapter 11: Vectors
Chapter 12: Binomial Series
Chapter 13: Sets
Chapter 14: Probability
Chapter 15: Statistics
Chapter 16: Regression and Correlation
Chapter 17: Introduction to Differentiation
Chapter 18: Partial Differentiation
Chapter 19: Integration