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Canadian Plumbing: Design and Installation, 1st Edition

  • Troy White
  • Wayne Wright
  • Warren Hyde
  • ISBN-10: 0826906494
  • ISBN-13: 9780826906496
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2019 Published
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About the Product

Canadian Plumbing Design and Installation begins with an overview of the plumbing trade in Canada, followed by in-depth coverage of job-site safety, and essential plumbing math. It provides comprehensive coverage of plumbing materials, the latest tools and equipment, and pipe joining and supporting methods. The chapter on plumbing fixtures and appliances provides the clearances required for barrier-free fixtures. Barrier-free specifications are based on the accessibility requirements of Section 3.8. of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). Canadian Plumbing Design and Installation provides a solid foundation in the essential theory and the fundamental skills required to be a Red Seal-certified plumber. This textbook arose from the expressed need on the part of plumbing educators for a high-quality Canadian resource. A primary objective of the book is to provide learners with a working knowledge of the National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPC). The NPC is referenced throughout the textbook down to the subsection level. This is intended to familiarize learners with the organization of the code, as well as the rules governing plumbing system design, sizing, installation, and testing. It is recommended that learners have a copy of the NPC or their local plumbing code as a companion to the textbook. Several step-by-step practical examples are used to illustrate the impact of developed length, hydraulic load,and other factors on sizing drainage, vent, and water distribution piping. Each example refers to the appropriate NPC sizing tables. This gives learners an opportunity to access the tables in the code so they can follow along with the sizing procedures presented in the textbook. Canadian Plumbing Design and Installation was developed with the learner in mind. It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject matter. Concise introductions at the beginning of each chapter provide an overview of chapter content, and objectives focus learners on key outcomes.


  • Objectives focus learners on key outcomes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Plumbing Trade
Chapter 2: Job-Site Safety
Chapter 3: Plumbing Math
Chapter 4: Plumbing Materials
Chapter 5: Plumbing Tools and Equipment
Chapter 6: Joining, Installing, and Supporting Pipe
Chapter 7: Plumbing Traps
Chapter 8: Sanitary Drainage, Vent, and Storm Water Drainage Piping
Chapter 9: Sizing Sanitary Drainage and Vent Piping
Chapter 10: Sizing Water Supply Piping
Chapter 11: Protecting the Potable Water Supply
Chapter 12: Plumbing Fixtures and Applications
Chapter 13: Sustainable Plumbing
Chapter 14: Testing and Inspecting Plumbing Systems
Chapter 15: Customer Service and Plumbing System Repair

New to this edition

  • Introductions provide an overview of chapter content.
  • Links to online learner resources enhance the learning experience.
  • Includes the latest tools and components.
  • Short sentences and paragraphs are easy for all reading levels to follow.
  • Useful supplemental information is highlighted throughout the book.
  • Key Points are listed at the end of each chapter for quick review.
  • Key Points feature important chapter content.
  • Large full-colour photos and illustrations provide visual appeal and enhance learning.
  • Chapter Review questions reinforce key content.
  • Drawings are large and clearly labeled, making them easy for learners to follow.
  • Sizing procedures include relevant sections of drawings to aid the learner.
  • Sizing examples are broken into logical step-by-step procedures.
  • Procedures include NPC table numbers for learner reference.
  • The NPC is referenced throughout the book down to the subsection level.
  • Water distribution piping is colour-coded to distinguish between hot- and cold-water pipes.
  • Highlighting helps learners visualize concepts like developed length and wet venting.
  • Learner resources include the following: Quiz Quizzes, Illustrated Glossary, Flash Cards, Rigging Videos, Reading a Tape Measure interactive, Media Library videos and animations, and Internet Resources.


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Instructor Supplements

Canadian Plumbing Instructor's Resource Guide  (ISBN-10: 0826906524 | ISBN-13: 9780826906526)
Canadian Plumbing: Design and Installation Workbook  (ISBN-10: 0826906508 | ISBN-13: 9780826906502)

Student Supplements

Canadian Plumbing: Design and Installation Workbook  (ISBN-10: 0826906508 | ISBN-13: 9780826906502)