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Sports Law

  • Patrick K. Thornton
  • ISBN-10: 0763736503
  • ISBN-13: 9780763736507
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2011 Published
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About the Product

Sports Law looks at major court cases, statutes, and regulations that explore a variety of legal issues in the sports industry. The early chapters provide an overview of sports law in general terms and explore its impact on race, politics, religion, and everyday affairs. Later chapters address hot button issues such as gender equity, drug testing, and discrimination. Written from a sport management perspective, rather than from a lawyers, this text covers all the major areas presented in sports law today including: cases relating to torts, contracts, intellectual property, and agents. Factual scenarios throughout the text allow students to critically examine and apply sport management principles to legal issues facing the sports executive.


  • Each chapter contains multiple legal opinions for students to read and brief

  • Hypothetical problems appear in each chapter, challenging the students’ knowledge and application of the law

  • Edited court decisions are provided to exemplify the legal issues involved in sports management

  • Each case illustrates and explores a major legal doctrine

  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter give students the opportunity to test their analytical reasoning abilities

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sports in Society
Chapter 2: Contracts
Chapter 3: Antitrust Law
Chapter 4: Labor Relations in Sports
Chapter 5: Agents
Chapter 6: Torts and Risk Management
Chapter 7: Discrimination
Chapter 8: Intellectual Property
Chapter 9: Gender Equity
Chapter 10: The National Collegiate Athletic Association
Chapter 11: Amateur Athletic Eligibility
Chapter 12: Drug Testing
Chapter 13: International