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Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance, Student Guide, 2nd Edition

  • Jerry Bogle
  • Allan Ready
  • John Gislason
  • ISBN-10: 0763796360
  • ISBN-13: 9780763796365
  • 0 Pages | Spiralbound
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

For sales or pricing inquiries outside of the United States, please visit: to access a list of international CDX Automotive Account Managers. Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance, Student Guide, Second Edition provides an introduction to preventive maintenance and covers in-cab inspection, exterior inspection, brakes inspection, tires and wheels, under-vehicle inspection, engine compartment inspection, and cargo handling devices inspection. This publication contains eight units that are prefaced with a checklist for each unit. The objectives break down each task in the checklist, and the last job sheet in each unit requires the student to perform a preventive maintenance inspection in that specific area. The last job sheet is a "final exam" that has the student accomplishing a complete inspection on a vehicle. NATEF/ASE tasks for Heavy-Duty Truck Technician Preventive Maintenance are taught in this publication, and are identified in a crosswalk document in the teachers edition. For each section, the student will find: Learning Activities SheetOutlines each activity a student must complete to gain a full understanding of the topic. Objectives SheetOutlines the key points for the student. Information SheetProvides the theory behind the topic. After reading the information sheet, a student will have a solid foundation from which to work. Student SupplementProvides the student with a ready reference for use on-the-job.


  • Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance, Second Edition is part of the Diesel Technology Series.

  • The Diesel Technology Series offers a comprehensive approach to the knowledge and practical application needed to help produce well-trained, entry-level technicians. To ensure that the content is relevant to the industry, measurable and observable outcomes are aligned to the NATEF/ASE skill standards. The instructional materials provided as part of this series are designed to help support the training offered through secondary and postsecondary programs around the United States.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Introduction to Preventive Maintenance
Unit Two: In-Cab Inspection
Unit Three: Exterior Inspection
Unit Four: Brakes Inspection
Unit Five: Tires and Wheels Inspection
Unit Six: Under Vehicle Inspection
Unit Seven: Engine Compartment Inspection
Unit Eight: Cargo Handling Devices Inspection