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Diesel Technology: Brakes, Student Workbook, 3rd Edition

  • Robert Hilley
  • Terry Scarberry
  • Mary Kellum
  • ISBN-10: 0763796220
  • ISBN-13: 9780763796228
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2010 Published
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About the Product

For sales or pricing inquiries outside of the United States, please visit: to access a list of international CDX Automotive Account Managers. Diesel Technology: Brakes, Student Workbook, Third Edition consists of 12 units divided into three sections. Section A: Introduction addresses brakes, wheel bearings and seals, and antilock brake systems. Section B: Hydraulic Brakes covers hydraulic foundation drum and disc brakes, hydraulic system, and power-assisted units and related components. Section C: Air Brakes covers air foundation brakes, the air supply system, air service circuits, and the trailer air break system. NATEF/ASE tasks for Heavy-Duty Truck Technician Brakes are taught in this publication and are identified in a crosswalk document. For each section, the student will find: . Assignment SheetReinforces the students knowledge through a variety of learning activities. . Job SheetsProvide everything a student needs to know to complete a task, including: . Instructions . Tools, Equipment, and Materials listing . Procedure checklist . Worksheet


  • Diesel Technology: Brakes, Third Edition is part of the Diesel Technology Series

  • The Diesel Technology Series offers a comprehensive approach to the knowledge and practical application needed to help produce well-trained, entry-level technicians. To ensure that the content is relevant to the industry, measurable and observable outcomes are aligned to the NATEF/ASE skill standards. The instructional materials provided as part of this series are designed to help support the training offered through secondary and postsecondary programs around the United States.

Table of Contents

Section A Introduction
Unit 1–A Introduction to Brakes
Unit 2–A Wheel Bearings and Seals
Unit 3–A Antilock Brake Systems

Section B Hydraulic Brakes
Unit 1–B Hydraulic Foundation Drum Brakes
Unit 2–B Hydraulic Foundation Disc Brakes
Unit 3–B Hydraulic System
Unit 4–B Power Assist Units and Related Components

Section C Air Brakes
Unit 1–C Air Foundation Brakes
Unit 2–C Air Supply Brakes
Unit 3–C Air Service Circuits
Unit 4–C Special Circuits
Unit 5–C Trailer Air Brake Systems