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Leadership for Evidence-Based Innovation in Nursing and Health Professions, 2nd Edition

  • Daniel Weberg
  • Sandra Davidson
  • ISBN-10: 1284171361
  • ISBN-13: 9781284171365
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2021 Published
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About the Product

Where Evidence-Based Practice Meets Innovation Healthcare organizations require both innovation and evidence-based practice to build systems that will support the future of improved care. Leadership for Evidence-Based Innovation in Nursing and Health Professions, Second Edition addresses the core competencies and behaviors required to be an innovative leader. This text fulfills the market need for an advanced practice resource focused on how to address new and emerging sources of evidence-based practice that can inform, translate and scale the complexity of leading innovation in healthcare organizations. The Second Edition has been heavily revised and updated to refine the focus on leadership of innovation and place less foundational focus on evidence-based practice process. In addition to a strong revision to the organization and updated content, this unique text features three new chapters discussing workarounds as a source of innovation, performance improvement leadership vs. innovation methodology and the use of evidence in both, and a technology primer for nursing leaders. The Second Edition takes a patient-centered approach, discusses the perspectives on the dynamic of innovation and evidence as well as emerging competencies for leaders of healthcare innovation. To address the core competencies the text is expertly organized into four sections: Section 1 addresses the current landscape of evidence in innovation, Section 2 examines new sources of evidence including technology and big data, Section 3 discusses strategies for measuring innovation at a variety of system levels, and Section 4 provides strategies to synthesize and disseminate evidence to advance innovation in health care.


  • Teaches students how to mine and manage large data sets

  • Connects the idea of evidence-based practice to leadership practice

  • Addresses the gap in the knowledge base around research

Table of Contents

Section 1: Leaders
Chapter 1: Future of Evidence, Innovation, and Leadership in Healthcare: A Model for Leading Change
Chapter 2: Innovation Leadership Behaviors: Starting the Complexity Journey
Chapter 3: Emergence and Disruption: Working on the Edge of Evidence
Chapter 4: From Organization as Machine to Organization as Conversation: Making Sense of Complexity in Healthcare

Section 2: Organizations/Systems
Chapter 5: Evidence-Based Practice and the Dynamic of Innovation: A Model for the Advancing Practice Excellence
Chapter 6: Assessing Your Innovation and Evidence Capacity: Essentials for Organizational Infrastructures
Chapter 7: Shifting Workforce Paradigms: From Quantity to Value-Driven Staffing Using Evidence and Innovation
Chapter 8: Failure and Resilience: Driving Sustainable Innovation
Chapter 9: Leading Innovation and Performance Improvement for High Performing Systemness

Section 3: Trends & Issues
Chapter 10: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to [Co-]Create it: A Technology Primer for Nursing Leaders
Chapter 11: Incorporating New Evidence from Big Data, Emerging Technology, and Disruptive Practices into Your Innovation Ecosystem
Chapter 12: From Patient to Person-Centered Care: Reforming Relationships in Healthcare
Chapter 13: Toxic Leadership: Leadership Behaviors That Kill Innovation and How to Avoid Them

Section 4: Exemplars
Chapter 14: Organizing Systems for Successful Innovation: Examples from the Field
Chapter 15: Building Diverse Partnerships in Health Care and Industry: How Organizations Must Partner to Build Disruptive Futures
Chapter 16: Disrupting the Undisruptable - Innovation in Healthcare Education

New to this edition

  • Heavily revised and reorganized based on market reviews and feedback
  • NEW Chapter focuses on workarounds as a source of innovation
  • NEW Chapter discusses performance improvement leadership vs innovation methodology and the use of evidence in both
  • NEW presents a technology primer for nursing leaders and encourages readers to predict the future by [co-]creating it
  • Updated to include more contemporary technology advances impacting healthcare and leadership