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2020 Nurse's Drug Handbook, 19th Edition

  • Jones and Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-10: 1284167909
  • ISBN-13: 9781284167900
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

The Jones & Bartlett Learning 2020 Nurse’s Drug Handbook is the most up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use nursing drug reference. Updated annually, it provides accurate and timely facts on hundreds of drugs from A-Z. Written in a no-nonsense style that speaks your language in terms you use every day, it offers concise and consistently formatted drug entries organized alphabetically. New drugs added to the 2020 Nurse's Drug Handbook include: PEGlated-auci jivi, baloxavir marboxil, baricitinib, inactivated-zhzo, didanosine, doravirine, Eravacycline, erenumab-aooe, fremanezumab-vfrm, frovatriptan, galcanezumab-gnlm, ganiciclovir, ibalizumab-uiyk, lofexidine, lubiprostone, omadacycline, plazomicin, revefenacin, rifamycin, saquinavir, sarecycline, semaglutide, sodium zirconium cyclosilicate, sufentanil, tildrakizumab-asmn


  • Index of all generic, trade, and alternate drug names

  • Chemical and therapeutic classes, FDA pregnancy risk category, and controlled substance schedule

  • Indications and dosages, as well as route, onset, peak, and duration information

  • Incompatibilities and contraindications

  • Interactions with drugs, food, and activities

  • Adverse reactions

  • Nursing considerations, including key teaching points for patients

  • Mechanism-of-action illustrations

  • Warnings and precautions

  • Updated antineoplastic drug therapy appendix

  • Addition of bolded Life-Threatening Adverse Reactions (ADRs)

Table of Contents

Reviewers and Clinical Consultants
How to Use This Book
Overview of Pharmacology
Principles of Drug Administration
Drug Therapy and the Nursing Process
Individual Drugs (Listed Alphabetically)
Appendix Safety Guidelines for Opioid Use
Appendix Parenteral Insulin Preparations
Appendix Oral Allergen Extracts
Appendix Selected Antihistamines
Appendix Selected Ophthalmic Drugs
Appendix Selected Topical Drugs
Appendix Selected Combination Antiviral Drugs
Appendix Common Cancers and Antineoplastic Drug Therap
Appendix Selected Antihypertensive Cominations
Appendix Selected Obstetrical Drugs
Appendix Vitamins
Appendix Interferons
Appendix Compatible Drugs in a Syringe
Appendix Drug Formulas and Calculations
Appendix Weights and Equivalents
Appendix Equianalgesic Doses for Opioid Agonists
Appendix Abbreviations