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Government and Policy for U.S. Health Leaders

  • Raymond J. Higbea
  • Gregory Cline
  • ISBN-10: 1284182126
  • ISBN-13: 9781284182125
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2021 Published
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About the Product

While other texts focus on just one aspect of policy – theory, philosophy, ethics, history, economics, or analysis – this balanced, cross-disciplinary text explores health policy from all directions for the most thorough examination of policy today. Written with graduate students in mind, this balanced, cross-disciplinary text systematically examines the health policy process by looking at how we got to where we are today, the current realities of policy-making, and how students can influence the policy of tomorrow. Beginning with a discussion of political philosophy and an overview of policy-making theory and U.S. history, this comprehensive text moves onto a thorough examination political theory, the policy process, and comparative national health systems. The book concludes with health policy topical concerns, health policy outcomes, and advocacy. Given its broad, discipline-agnostic approach to the health policy process, Government and Policy for U.S. Health Leaders is an ideal, well-rounded resource for policy courses across the health professions.


  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary content targeting all topics associated with health policy development for clinical and non-clinical graduate students and professionals.

  • Case studies and applied problems, along withChapter-specific discussion questions encourage students to critically think about the material and apply their knowledge.

  • Focus on new Interprofessional Education (IPE) standards, as well as accreditation needs of graduate programs in health administration, public health, and nursing.

  • Valuable instructor resources include a test bank, slides in PowerPoint format, an instructor’s manual, case studies, and syllabus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Political Philosophy and Health Policy
Chapter 2: How We Got Here: U.S. Health Policy History
Chapter 3: The Rest of the Story: Policy & Power Dynamics, Social Determinants and the role of States.
Chapter 4: Comparative National Health Systems and Health Policy
Chapter 5: Policy Theories
Chapter 6: From Theories to Application: Policy Choice and Analysis
Chapter 7: Policy Formulation & Economic Scoring
Chapter 8: Policy Implementation
Chapter 9: Policy Monitoring & Modification
Chapter 10: Healthcare Payment, Cost Drivers & Behavioral Economics
Chapter 11: Access, the Uninsured & Health Policy
Chapter 12: Payment and Quality
Chapter 13: How to Influence the Policy Process
Chapter 14: Applied Theory for Professional Advocates