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The Complete RHIT & RHIA Prep: A Guide for Your Certification Exam and Your Career

  • Payel Madero
  • ISBN-10: 1284164721
  • ISBN-13: 9781284164725
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2021 Published
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About the Product

Aligned to the new 2018 AHIMA Core Competencies, The Complete RHIT and RHIA Prep: A Guide for Your Certification Exam and Your Career provides comprehensive review of the RHIT and RHIA Exam Competency Standards through RHIT Review Online Interactive Modules, online test prep, and an accompanying text that will help students prepare for the RHIT exam. The RHIT Review Online Interactive Modules are a set of online presentations that use voiceover to review essential topics and provide practicum exercises and interactive decision making simulations to ensure student understanding. Additionally, each of these interactive modules offers a 10 question multiple choice domain topic test. Once students have completed all the interactive modules, they can test their knowledge by taking a final mock exam and/or access hundreds of multiple choice questions for practice and review. The accompanying text offers additional multiple-choice questions, reviews details about the exam and important test taking skills, and provides a complete chapter on career development and planning.


  • An explanation of how to qualify, register, and prepare for the AHIMA sponsored exam

  • 25 chapters covering each of the domain competencies and topics from the AHIMA Core Competencies

  • Test taking tips and practice with samples questions in eachChapter

  • RHIA exam preparation, including distinctive mapping of RHIT AHIMA Core Competencies to RHIA AHIMA Core Competencies – an invaluable resource for those preparing for RHIA certification

  • A unique career planningChapter (29) which proposes career search, development, planning and growth strategies for recent RHIT and RHIA licensed professionals

  • RHIT Review Online Interactive Modules offering interactive, voice-over lecture review of all domains covered on the exam and Check Your Understanding Questions in each module ensure comprehension and retention

  • Online test prep featuring hundreds of test prep questions from the text for practice, including remediation and feedback, helpful tools such as question flagging and a confidence meter, and the ability to create a mock exam to simulate the test-taking experience

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the RHIT and RHIA Certification Exams
Chapter 2: Classification Systems
Chapter 3: Health Record Content and Documentation
Chapter 4: Data Governance
Chapter 5: Data Management
Chapter 6: Secondary Data Sources
Chapter 7: Health Law
Chapter 8: Data Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security
Chapter 9: Release of Information
Chapter 10: Health Information Technologies
Chapter 11: Information Management Strategic Planning
Chapter 12: Analytics, Decision Support, Information Integrity and Data Quality
Chapter 13: Health Care Statistics and Research Methods
Chapter 14: Identifying Data Trends and Research Methods
Chapter 15: Consumer Informatics and Health Information Exchange
Chapter 16: Revenue Cycle
Chapter 17: Reimbursement
Chapter 18: Regulatory Compliance
Chapter 19: CDI and Coding Compliance
Chapter 20: Fraud Surveillance
Chapter 21: Leadership Roles
Chapter 22: Process Improvement and Change Management
Chapter 23: HR Management, Training and Development
Chapter 24: Strategic and Organization Management
Chapter 25: Financial Management
Chapter 26: Ethics
Chapter 27: Project and Enterprise Information Management
Chapter 28: Prepping for the RHIA Exam
Chapter 29: Planning for a Career with a RHIT or RHIA Credential

Appendix: Answer Key
Appendix A: List of Statistical Formulas
Appendix B: Common Pharmaceuticals
Appendix C: AHIMA Code of Ethics
Appendix D: RHIT Exam Content Outline
Appendix E: RHIA Exam Content Outlines