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Applying Lean Six Sigma in Health Care: A Practical Guide to Performance Improvement

  • Thomas K Ross
  • ISBN-10: 1284170756
  • ISBN-13: 9781284170757
  • 0 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2021 Published
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About the Product

Health care organizations are challenged to demonstrate they are improving quality of care, patient safety and satisfaction, reducing treatment time and cost, and elevating employee morale. Meeting these goals requires a rigorous, easy-to-follow, and highly effective system, such as Lean Six Sigma, to identify opportunities and implement improvements. Written to address the growing demand in healthcare organizations for Lean Six Sigma expertise, Applying Lean Six Sigma in Health Care: A Practical Guide to Performance Improvement provides a step-by-step Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process, that students or health care workers can use to complete improvement projects. Applying Lean Six Sigma in Health Care trains students on performance improvement techniques and current terminology so that they will be prepared to conduct Lean Six Sigma projects in large health care systems and support the physicians and nurses running these projects. With a focus on application, students learn and utilize the DMAIC process, by applying it to an improvement project that is carried through the text.


  • An active learning approach where students read, calculate, write and reflect as they work through problem-solving exercises, case studies, and other activities.

  • An ongoing case study on improving pain management (in Chapters 5 -10) that demonstrates a completed process.

  • A capstone project that engages students in applying all phases of DMAIC to complete a Lean Six Sigma project.

  • Excel practice throughout to show how data is summarized (Chapter 6), analyzed (Chapter 7), and reported (Chapter 9).

  • Excel files and templates (such as Gantt charts and Cause and Effect diagrams) that offer additional resources and examples provided online.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Lean Six Sigma, Evaluating the U.S. Health Care System, and the Job of Statistics
Chapter 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
Chapter 2: Evaluating the U.S. Health Care System, Value, and Variation
Chapter 3: The Role of Statistics

Part 2: DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
Chapter 4: Overview of the DMAIC Process
Chapter 5: DMAIC: Define
Chapter 6: DMAIC: Measure
Chapter 7: DMAIC: Analyze
Chapter 8: DMAIC: Improve
Chapter 9: DMAIC: Control, Part 1
Chapter 10: DMAIC: Control, Part 2, Reporting, Managing, and Replicating

Part 3: Moving from Theory to Practice
Chapter 11: Developing a Culture to Embrace Change
Chapter 12: Lean Six Sigma Projects and Practice Case
Chapter 13: Lean Six Sigma and Health Care Practice