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Let the Journey Begin: A Parent's Monthly Guide to the College Experience, Revised and Updated Edition, 2nd Edition

  • Jacqueline MacKay
  • ISBN-10: 1305504186
  • ISBN-13: 9781305504189
  • 224 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2002
  • COPYRIGHT: 2016 Published
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About the Product

The transition from high school to college is a time full of exciting and perplexing changes for both students and parents. In this newly revised and updated edition of LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN: A PARENT'S MONTHLY GUIDE TO THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, you'll find a wealth of practical advice, useful strategies, and helpful suggestions aimed at helping parents manage this challenging transition successfully. The book's month-by-month format lets you journey along with your son or daughter as they encounter the many challenges of college life. Each chapter opens with a list of Student and Parent Issues that will help you support your college-going child in a timely manner, and the Monthly Check Lists at the end of each chapter serve as a handy reference to help you organize and prioritize your thoughts. LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand what to expect from your child's college experience and guide them toward success.


  • Each chapter features a list of Student and Parent Issues that help readers to anticipate and plan how to support the student in a timely manner.

  • Includes Parent/Student reflections that address many of the expectation vs. the realities that students and parents encounter during this time of change.

  • Monthly Check Lists at the end of each chapter serve as a handy reference to help parents organize and prioritize their thoughts.

About the Author

Jacqueline MacKay

Jacqueline MacKay has over twenty years of experience working with parent/family and college relationships, including her current role as the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of the Providence College Parent Program. She is a tenured faculty member and teaches in the Graduate School of Education's Counseling Program. She has served in positions both in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs including, Director of Counseling, Dean of Student Development, and Assistant Vice President of Student Services. In 2007, she developed Providence College's first Parent/Family Program. In that role, she has managed a comprehensive communication plan for parents including a Parent/Family website, quarterly newsletters, and monthly Parent E-Communications. Throughout the years she has made presentations at numerous conferences and colleges addressing issues related to the many complexities of the family/college relationship.

Table of Contents

1. Transitions, Transitions, Transitions.
2. Orientation FAQs.
3. Ready or Not: June, July, and August.
4. Reality Sets In: September.
5. The Balancing Act: October and November.
6. Facing Finals, Family Holidays, and Semester Break: December and January.
7. Staying on Track: February, March, and April.
8. My, How You've Grown! May.
Appendix A: Learning the Language.
Appendix B: Campus Resources.
Appendix C: Useful Websites for Parents.

New to this edition

  • Expanded section on specific populations—Specific information for parents of students with disabilities, students of color, athletes, commuters, first generation, transfer students.
  • Update on technology in regards to parent/student communication. For example, Facebook, Skype, texting.
  • Revised information on websites for parents.


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