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Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, 11th Edition

  • Kären Matison Hess
  • Christine Hess Orthmann
  • Henry Lim Cho
  • ISBN-10: 1285444329
  • ISBN-13: 9781285444321
  • 672 Pages | Hardcover
  • Previous Editions: 2012, 2009, 2006
  • COPYRIGHT: 2015 Published
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About the Product

Fully updated to reflect the latest changes in the field, this new edition provides comprehensive, practical coverage of both law enforcement and the criminal justice system as a whole (including courts, corrections, and juvenile justice) in one convenient volume. Acclaimed for its uniquely accessible writing style, many real-world examples, and its realistic and relevant "boots on the street" perspective, this new edition is packed with up-to-date information on today's hottest topics, including the Towards Zero Death (TZD) traffic-safety initiative, rapid DNA profiling, CompStat Plus, warrantless searches of vehicles, hacktivism, iPads/tablets and geolocation "pinging"communication devices in the field. joint terrorism task forces (JTTFs), and more.


  • An easy-to-read writing style aids student comprehension.

  • An engaging, structured learning environment facilitates mastery of the material.

  • The experience and inside knowledge of an active-duty law enforcement officer (Sergeant Cho) is reflected in the book's realistic, relevant information about contemporary law enforcement and criminal justice.

  • Comprehensive coverage of both policing and the criminal justice system as a whole helps readers understand the role of police within the larger criminal justice system.


"The textbook is a comprehensive introductory textbook for any Criminal Justice program. Its distinguishing elements are easy-reading, good support for instructors, and personal stories from professionals in the field."
— Mary Beth Finn, Herzing University

About the Author

Kären Matison Hess

The late Kären Matison Hess, PhD, wrote extensively in law enforcement and criminal justice, gaining a respected reputation for the consistent pedagogical style around which she structured each textbook. She co-authored multiple editions of MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, JUVENILE JUSTICE, and INTRODUCTION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE in addition to CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM; much of her work and influence remains unchanged in this new edition.

Christine Hess Orthmann

Christine Hess Orthmann holds an M.S. in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati and has been writing and researching in various aspects of criminal justice for over 20 years. She is the author of numerous Cengage Learning textbooks, a former reserve officer with the Rosemount (Minnesota) Police Department, and a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS), the American Society of Criminology (ASC), the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA), and the National Criminal Justice Honor Society (Alpha Phi Sigma).

Henry Lim Cho

Henry Lim Cho holds an M.A. in Human Services with an emphasis on Criminal Justice Leadership from Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota. He has worked in the field of criminal justice for more than 10 years, having held positions in private security and as a community service officer, police officer, and detective. He retired from the Rosemount (Minnesota) Police Department with the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Cho has experience as a use-of-force instructor and as a crime scene investigator. His professional memberships include the Text and Academic Authors Association, Minnesota Police and Peace Officer's Association, International Association of Identification--Minnesota Chapter, Minnesota Sex Crimes Investigator Association, High Technology Crime Investigation Association, National White Collar Crime Center, and the Fraternal Order of Police. He co-authored POLICE OPERATIONS and INTRODUCTION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE, and has been published in the Minnesota Police Journal.

Table of Contents

1. A Brief History: The Evolution of Law and Our Criminal Justice System.
2. The American Quest for Freedom and Justice: Our Laws.
3. Crime in the United States: Offenses, Offenders, Victims.
4. Contemporary Policing: An Overview.
5. Patrol: The Backbone of Policing.
6. Specialized Roles of Police.
7. Policing after 9/11: Traditional, Community and Data-Driven Policing.
8. Policing within the Law.
9. Gangs and Drugs: Threats to Our National Security.
10. Terrorism and Homeland Security.
11. Issues Concerning Police Conduct.
12. Becoming a Law Enforcement Professional.
13. U.S. Courts.
14. Corrections.

New to this edition

  • New "Myth vs. Reality" boxes in every chapter debunk popular misconceptions about policing and criminal justice.
  • New material has been added on the results of the Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment, joint terrorism task forces (JTTFs), the Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) traffic safety initiative, hacktivism, technology in policing (SpotShotter gunshot detection, rapid DNA profiling, communication devices in the field such as iPads/tablets, and geolocation "pinging"), and more.
  • The most recent statistics on criminal justice system employment and expenditures; crime, criminal events, and victimization; red-light running fatalities, work zone fatalities, seat belt use, alcohol-impaired driving and distracted driving; community policing and intelligence-led policing; post-conviction exonerations based on DNA evidence; and more are included.
  • Additional case studies bring the material to life.
  • New career profiles showcase the day-to-day work of a blood spatter expert, a crime scene investigator, and a child safety educator from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center.
  • An updated discussion of data-driven strategies and policing, including CompStat Plus policing, is included.


All supplements have been updated in coordination with the Main title.
Please see Main title page for new to this edition information.

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