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California Civil Litigation, 5th Edition

  • includes Study Guide
  • Susan Burnett Luten
  • ISBN-10: 1435438760
  • ISBN-13: 9781435438767
  • 448 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2005, 1997, 1993
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

California Civil Litigation, fifth edition, is designed to provide paralegal students and practicing paralegals with information, skills, and experience. It follows the litigation process chronologically from initial client questions and contracts, to ethical issues, through the pleading and discovery phases, to trial, post-trial and appeal. Each phase of litigation is explored through official forms and drafted documents and each chapter includes highlighted glossary words and definitions to enable the reader to learn the technical language of litigation. In addition to the usual probing discussion questions, each chapter includes online projects requiring the reader to locate and analyze relevant Internet material.


  • Material is organized and presented in a clear, chronological way.

  • Discussion questions provide thought-provoking material that tests the reader's comprehension.

  • Online projects ask readers to use online resources as they would on the job.

  • Includes examples of work product and court forms.

  • Assignments show a realistic case step-by-step.

  • Study Guide provides outlines of materials, a variety of opportunities for self-testing, and alternative online projects and case work assignments.

Table of Contents

1: Litigation Overview.
2: Ethics in Litigation.
3: Initiating the Client Relationship.
4: Courts in California.
5: Subject Matter Jurisdiction.
6: Personal Jurisdiction.
7: Introduction to Pleadings.
8: Complaints and Cross-Complaints.
9: Answering the Complaint.
10: Attacking the Pleadings.
11: Amending the Pleadings.
12: Calendaring Pleadings.
13: Discovery Overview.
14: Interrogatories.
15: Depositions.
16: Requests for Admissions.
17: Obtaining and Using Tangible Evidence.
18: Independent Medical Exams.
19: Using Expert Witnesses and Expert Discovery.
20: Calendaring Discovery.
21: Law and Motion.
22: Summary Judgement.
23: Trial-Setting Procedures.
24: Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
25: Trial Preparation.
26: Trial Procedures.
27: Judgements and Post-Trail Motions.
28: Appeals.
29: Provisional Remedies and Extraordinary Writs.

New to this edition

  • Complete updating in the material and citations of the codes and rules reflecting changes in the law.
  • Complete updating of exhibits of official forms, charts and drafted documents.
  • New material on electronic filing and service, calendaring and discovery.
  • New online projects and assignments highlighting electronic databases and new online resources.