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Gale Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

  • Delmar
  • ISBN-10: 1285173163
  • ISBN-13: 9781285173160
  • Mixed Media
  • COPYRIGHT: 2012 Published
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About the Product

Get accurate, up-to-date information whenever and wherever you need it with this groundbreaking online reference from Delmar and Gale, Cengage Learning. The GALE HOSPITALITY, TOURISM AND LEISURE COLLECTION is a complete digital library of facts and resources related to hospitality, travel, tourism, and the culinary arts. Collecting notable material from magazines, academic journals, books, news articles, and multimedia presentations, this one-of-a-kind database lets users browse the latest information, quickly conduct targeted research, or pinpoint specific answers using sophisticated search tools. In addition, the collection includes citation tools, downloadable files, and translation features to help users easily and effectively apply what they learn in the classroom or on the job. Available to complement ACCESS, 2e for a nominal fee, this unique, advanced learning resource is a valuable addition to any course and an excellent professional reference.


  • Includes current, relevant material from magazines, academic journals, books, news articles, and multimedia presentations, combining a broad range of useful, specialized resources to create a single, easily accessible reference tool.

  • A user-friendly interface and sophisticated, integrated search tools allow users to easily and quickly browse the latest information, conduct targeted research on selected topics, or locate specific facts or answers.

  • In addition to an abundance of information, the collection includes useful complementary features, such as citation tools, downloadable files, and translation services, making it easier to apply relevant information for academic or professional purposes.

  • This valuable teaching and learning resource is available for a nominal fee when bundled with Cengage textbooks, making it easy and affordable to enhance the classroom experience and prepare students for professional success.

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