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Flash Game Development in a Social, Mobile and 3D World, 1st Edition

  • Keith Gladstien
  • ISBN-10: 1435460200
  • ISBN-13: 9781435460201
  • 672 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Adobe Flash is one of today's most popular game-development applications, giving programmers the power to create high-speed, hardware-driven 2D and 3D games and applications across many platforms and throughout the broad landscape of social network gaming. And with the significantly improved performance of Flash-created games on devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobiles, the latest versions of Flash Pro are capable of delivering powerful games into the world of mobile technology. If you're a developer who already knows the basics of Flash, and you’re looking for tips and techniques that will help you debug your ActionScript 3.0 code, optimize your games, and test their efficiency, this is the book for you. For more than a decade, Adobe Certified Expert Keith Gladstien has helped Flash users solve thousands of programming-related problems on the Adobe ActionScript and Flash forums. Now, with the help of Keith's expertise collected in FLASH GAME DEVELOPMENT IN A SOCIAL, MOBILE, AND 3D WORLD, you will sharpen and perfect your Flash skills, and you'll find the help you need to solve every ActionScript problem you're likely to encounter. To simplify things for you, the book's companion website includes nearly all of the code that appears in the book. Start refining your skills and building your confidence with Adobe Flash and ActionScript today, with FLASH GAME DEVELOPMENT IN A SOCIAL, MOBILE, AND 3D WORLD.


  • Teaches readers best practices in Flash AS3 programming.

  • Teaches readers how to debug their code.

  • Covers in detail the world of Social and Mobile games.

  • Exposes readers to 3D and multiplayer programming.

About the Author

Keith Gladstien

Keith Gladstien, an Adobe Certified Expert in Flash CS6, holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Purdue and an MD from Yale. He is a prolific contributor to the Adobe Flash Forums (kglad) and has been using Flash since version 4. His interest in ActionScript programming began more than 10 years ago and has increased as his involvement with the Adobe ActionScript and Flash forums has expanded. He has created hundreds of Flash and AJAX applications for clients worldwide.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Flash Games, and development in 2011, with book conventions.
2. AS3 Game programming standards.
3. The business and development aspect of Flash Games: What needs to be done before you begin developing the game.
4. Example Game 1, illustrating these standards.
5. Important performance and optimization techniques, new and old.
6. Music and Sound: Not just background anymore.
7. Creating the look and feel for a game.
8. Example Game 2: The Hidden Object Game (standalone).
9. Fundamental Flash game physics, math and usability.
10. 3D Chapter 1: The fake and pseudo 3D worlds of isometric and deeper.
11. 3D Chapter 2: The side-scroller with parallax 3D background sample game (Game #3).
12. 3D Chapter 3: True 3D concepts and fundamentals.
13. 3D Chapter 4: The implementation of true 3D and the Flash 3D API in a sample game (Game #4).
14. Social Gaming Chapter 1: Case study of a good Social Game, and what standards have evolved.
15. Social Gaming Chapter 2: The technicalities and code of interfacing with Facebook from a backend and frontend perspective.
16. Social Gaming Chapter 3: The Development of a sample Social Game for Facebook (Game #5).
17. Mobile Games: Things to consider, motion sensors and new ways of looking at user interactivity. (Accelerometer, touch, multitouch, GPS, etc).
18. Mobile Game example game (Game #6).
19. Conclusion.
Appendix A: The key code chart.
Appendix B: The ASCII character list.
Appendix C: About the CD-ROM.