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Designing for Print Production: Essential Concepts, 1st Edition

  • Martin L. Greenwald
  • John C. Luttropp
  • ISBN-10: 1418042277
  • ISBN-13: 9781418042271
  • 320 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2009 Published
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About the Product

In this innovative book, print design concepts are united with graphic production technology information, providing readers with an understanding of the processes involved in both the design and print/publishing fields. While traditional books have viewed design and production as two separate fields of study, the rapidly changing technological landscape has blurred this distinction, resulting in an increasing amount of design and production activities performed by the same people. Therefore, this book provides designers and production personnel with a solid knowledge of both fields, which will better prepare them for success in the industry. Designing for Print Production: Essential Concepts focuses on the content, concepts and instructional strategies that will be relevant long after the book has been read. By acknowledging the critical and changing technologies that will impact the design and publication process, this book is a comprehensive, valuable resource for anyone entering the design and production fields.


  • Stresses vendor- and program- neutral concepts rather than specific applications and hardware, so readers can feel confident that their knowledge will not quickly become obsolete.

  • A color section features historical examples of effective design while detailed illustrations provide visual reinforcement of essential concepts.

  • Includes a glossary of digital print terms for ease of reference.

  • Highlights professional organizations and resources to extend reader knowledge beyond the scope of the book.

About the Author

Martin L. Greenwald

Martin L. Greenwald is a Professor in the Department of Art and Design at Montclair State University. He has written eight books on subjects ranging from graphic design to solar and alternative energy conversion. Professor Greenwald received his BS from New York University, his MS from the City College of New York, and his EdD from New York University.

John C. Luttropp

John C. Luttropp is Chairperson of the Department of Art and Design at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey. He has been a graphic designer and educator for more than 20 years. Professor Luttropp received his MFA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University and his BFA in Sculpture from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Graphic Design and Production.
2. Graphic Design and Printing Technology Through The Ages.
3. Fundamentals of Typography.
4. The Design Process.
5. Elements of Creative Graphic Design.
6. The Computer in Print Production.
7. Digitizing, Transferring, and Scanning Data.
8. Data Storage and CD/DVD Technology.
9. Traditional and Digital Imaging Techniques.
10. Printing Technologies and Finishing Techniques.
11. Designing for Print Production.