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Canadian Corrections, 5th Edition

  • Curt T. Griffiths
  • Danielle J. Murdoch
  • ISBN-10: 017670003X
  • ISBN-13: 9780176700034
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2014, 2010, 2004
  • COPYRIGHT: 2018 Published
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About the Product

Canadian Corrections, Fifth Edition, is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of corrections in Canada, and to explores the unique attributes of the Canadian correctional enterprise. The materials presented in this text are both descriptive and analytical. Key themes have been woven throughout, including approaching the topic of corrections with a critical eye by examining whether past reform efforts have been successful, how and why systems of corrections continue to experience issues that were first identified in the mid-19th century, human rights in corrections, and factors that influence the design and use of correctional strategies in Canada. The latter theme involves the examination of how policies that were implemented under the former governments have altered the correctional landscape in Canada and how we have seen, and will continue to see, judicial decision making and the federal government alter some of these policies. In writing this text, the authors present the materials in a way that will stimulate students’ thinking about corrections and capture the intensity of the issues surrounding the response to criminal offenders by systems of corrections.


  • Research File boxes present up-to-date research findings that highlight various issues in Canadian corrections (e.g ., a profile of inmates who commit suicide; the effectiveness of correctional treatment interventions; and restorative justice).

  • Class/Group Discussion Exercises typically focus on controversial topics and are amenable to learner-centred classroom activities.

About the Author

Curt T. Griffiths

Curt T. Griffiths is a professor and Director, Police Studies Centre in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Danielle J. Murdoch

Danielle J. Murdoch is completing her doctorate in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

Table of Contents

Part One: Canadian Corrections: Setting the Framework
Chapter 1: Perspectives on Crime and Punishment
Chapter 2: The Origins and Evolution of Canadian Corrections
Chapter 3: Contemporary Canadian Corrections
Chapter 4: Sentencing: Beginning the Corrections Process

Part Two: Corrections In The Community: Alternatives to Confinement
Chapter 5: Alternatives to Confinement

Part Three: Incarceration
Chapter 6: Correctional Institutions
Chapter 7: Working Inside: The Experience of Correctional Officers
Chapter 8: Doing Time: The Experience of Inmates
Chapter 9: Classification, Case Management, and Treatment

Part Four: Returning to the Community: Release and Re-entry
Chapter 10: Release from Incarceration
Chapter 11: Re-entry and Life After Prison

Part Five: Special Populations in Corrections
Chapter 12: Women Offenders
Chapter 13: Indigenous Offenders
Chapter 14: Young Offenders

Part Six: Going Forward: Reforming Corrections
Chapter 15: Creating Effective Systems of Corrections

New to this edition

  • New Corrections File boxes highlight a variety of strategies, practices, and tools that correctional services use when “doing corrections.” They also present the experiences of those involved in corrections.
  • Corrections Perspectives, short vignettes, have been included throughout most chapters to provide the perspectives of those involved in correctional systems—correctional personnel and offenders alike.
  • Media Links direct students to video and other media online, ranging from documentaries to media reports, presenting contentious issues in corrections.
  • Critical Thinking Exercises have been included to ensure that students reflect upon topics in Canadian corrections.
  • All chapters have been thoroughly revised to reflect the most up-to-date legislation and topics that have played a recent role in Canadian corrections.


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Instructor Supplements

Online Instructor Resources for Canadian Corrections  (ISBN-10: 0176770542 | ISBN-13: 9780176770549)

Student Supplements

eBook: Canadian Corrections  (ISBN-10: 0176837426 | ISBN-13: 9780176837426)