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Introduction to Sociology Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook and InQuizitive, 11th Edition

  • Anthony Giddens
  • Mitchell Duneier
  • Richard P. Appelbaum
  • Deborah Carr
  • ISBN-10: 0393639401
  • ISBN-13: 9780393639407
  • 0 Pages | Best Buy Package
  • COPYRIGHT: 2019 Published
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About the Product

Authoritative coverage, award-winning media, unbeatable price

Authored by four leading scholars and teachers, Introduction to Sociology provides an authoritative introduction to basic concepts, major theories, and current research in a streamlined, easy-to-navigate format. A consistent four-part chapter structure makes the reading manageable without sacrificing coverage, while InQuizitive, Norton’s award-winning adaptive learning platform, helps ensure students are mastering the content. At the end of every chapter, a discussion of unanswered questions highlights the power of the sociological imagination to help us better understand our complex society.


  • Unanswered Questions highlight the power of the sociological imagination. Thought-provoking questions—and related discussions—at the end of each chapter reveal how a sociological imagination enables us to better understand issues such as racial inequality, gender inequality, crime, and more.

  • Consistent four-part pedagogy coupled with InQuizitive keeps students on track. The easy-to-navigate four-part chapter structure is a winning formula: In part 1 the authors outline the basic concepts, laying a foundation for the rest of the chapter. Part 2 is devoted to sociological theory, while current research is explored in part 3. The chapter concludes with a thought-provoking discussion of unanswered questions that face sociologists today (part 4). Organized around the book's learning objectives, InQuizitive reinforces this structure and helps students master core concepts.

  • Up-to-date coverage of sociological research by three active researchers. After covering the basic concepts and sociological theory in parts 1 and 2 of each chapter, the authors turn to current research, ensuring that students are getting an up-to-date introduction to the state of the field.

  • Affordable formats and packages allow flexibility to assign readings. Delivering the same text as the regular edition, the Seagull Edition, proves you can have authoritative, current coverage and fantastic digital resources at a rock-bottom price. A variety of low-cost formats and package options enable you to assign additional reading without worrying about breaking students' bank accounts.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Study of Sociology
Chapter 1: What Is Sociology?
Chapter 2: Asking and Answering Sociological Questions

Part Two: The Individual and Society
Chapter 3: Culture and Society
Chapter 4: Socialization and the Life Course
Chapter 5: Social Interaction and Everyday Life in the Age of the Internet
Chapter 6: Groups, Networks, and Organizations
Chapter 7: Conformity, Deviance, and Crime

Part Three: Structures of Power
Chapter 8: Stratification, Class, and Inequality
Chapter 9: Global Inequality
Chapter 10: Gender Inequality
Chapter 11: Ethnicity and Race
Chapter 12: Aging
Chapter 13: Government, Political Power, and Social Movements

Part Four: Social Institutions
Chapter 14: Work and Economic Life
Chapter 15: Families and Intimate Relationships
Chapter 16: Education
Chapter 17: Religion in Modern Society

Part Five: Social Change in the Modern World
Chapter 18: The Sociology of the Body: Health, Illness, and Sexuality
Chapter 19: Population, Urbanization, and the Environment
Chapter 20: Globalization in a Changing World