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The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook, InQuizitive, Online Data Workshops, and Writing Tutorials, 7th Edition

  • Kerry Ferris
  • Jill Stein
  • ISBN-10: 0393419339
  • ISBN-13: 9780393419337
  • 0 Pages | Best Buy Package
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

The most relevant textbook for today’s students Students love The Real World because it was written for them. In every chapter, Ferris and Stein use examples from everyday life and pop culture to get students thinking sociologically and to show the relevance of sociology to their relationships, jobs, and the future of society. Innovative Data Workshops in every chapter and online give students a chance to apply theoretical concepts to their own lives and actually do sociology. With low-cost formats and a robust support package, The Real World sets both students and instructors up for success.


  • Examples from pop culture, everyday life, and the media make sociology relevant to students. The Real World makes sociological concepts relevant with examples that students love. For the Seventh Edition, the authors thoroughly revised the inequalities chapters (Part III), adding a new part opener on Matthew Desmond’s ethnography of eviction, and added new and expanded coverage of masculinities in the gender chapter (Chapter 9) and implicit bias and white privilege in the race chapter (Chapter 8).

  • Unique Data Workshops have students apply sociological concepts and methods to their own lives. In-text and online workshops in every chapter—“Analyzing Everyday Life” and “Analyzing Media and Pop Culture”—give students the opportunity to put their sociological imaginations to work. These time-tested activities have students go out into the real world to get hands-on experience with social research methods.

  • Online and in-text tools help students think sociologically about the issues they care about. Innovative online tools and in-text pedagogy for The Real World help students master core concepts and develop the vocabulary necessary for productive classroom discussions. With InQuizitive—Norton’s award-winning adaptive learning tool—students learn and apply sociological concepts in an engaging gamelike environment.

  • Low-cost options and instructor support make The Real World a great value. With The Real World, both students and instructors get everything they need to be successful in the course. For just $40, students get access to The Real World ebook plus InQuizitive, Norton’s adaptive learning tool. For instructors, a robust suite of teaching tools, including resources that work within any learning management system, make it easy to set up their course.

Table of Contents

Part I: Thinking Sociologically and Doing Sociology

Chapter 1: Sociology and the Real World

Chapter 2: Studying Social Life: Sociological Research Methods

Part II: Framing Social Life

Chapter 3: Culture

Chapter 4: Socialization, Interaction, and the Self

Chapter 5: Separate and Together: Life in Groups

Chapter 6: Deviance

Part III: Understanding Inequality

Chapter 7: Social Class: The Structure of Inequality

Chapter 8: Race and Ethnicity as Lived Experience

Chapter 9: Constructing Gender and Sexuality

Part IV: Social Institutions and the Micro-Macro Link

Chapter 10: Social Institutions: Politics, Education, and Religion

Chapter 11: The Economy and Work

Chapter 12: Life at Home: Families and Relationships

Chapter 13: Leisure and Media

Chapter 14: Health and Illness

Part V: Envisioning the Future and Creating Social Change

Chapter 15: Populations, Cities, and the Environment

Chapter 16: Social Change