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Ibsen's Selected Plays, 1st Edition

  • Henrik Ibsen
  • ISBN-10: 0393924041
  • ISBN-13: 9780393924046
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2003 Published
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About the Product

Ibsen ascended to the first ranks of European writers in the late nineteenth century and has remained there ever since.

The Norton Critical Edition includes five major plays spanning Ibsen’s long career in recent translations by Brian Johnston (Peer Gynt, The Wild Duck, and The Master Builder) and Brian Johnston and Rick Davis (A Doll House and Hedda Gabler). The translation of Peer Gynt appears for the first time in this Norton Critical Edition.

“Backgrounds” gives students an understanding of Ibsen’s creative process with selections from his correspondence and other writings. Twenty-seven documents have been collected and arranged by play, with a section of autobiographical writings at the end.

Ibsen’s plays continue to provoke diverse commentary. “Criticism” includes nineteen of the most important responses to Ibsen’s work, among them essays by Bernard Shaw, Sandra Saari, E. M. Forster, Hugh Kenner, and Joan Templeton.

A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.

Table of Contents


The Text of the Plays:
Peer Gynt
The Realist Cycle
A Doll House
The Wild Duck
Hedda Gabler
The Master Builder



1. Peer Gynt
To Björnstjerne Björnson, 9 December 1867
To Björnstjerne Björnson, 28 December 1867
To Edward Grieg, 23 January 1874
To Ludwig Passarge, 16 June 1880
To Edmund Gosse, 15 January 1874

2. A Doll House
The Alternative German Ending
To the Nationaltidende, 17 February 1880
To Heinrich Laube, 18 February 1880
To Moritz Prozor, 23 January 1891
Speech at the Banquet of the Norwegian League for Women's Rights

3. The Wild Duck
To Frederik Hegel, 2 September 1884
To Hans Schrøder, 14 November 1884
To August Lindberg, 22 November 1884

4. Hedda Gabler
To Moritz Prozor, 4 December 1890]
To Hans Schrøder, 27 December 1890
To Kristina Steen, 14 January 1891

5. Autobiographical
Sketch of Childhood
To Magdalene Thoresen, 3 December 1865
To Björnstjerne Björnson, 28 January 1865
To Geor(e) Brandes, 20 December 1870
To Geor(e) Brandes, 17 February 1871
To Geor(e) Brandes, 24 September 1871
To Geor(e) Brandes, 30 April 1873
To John Paulsen, 20 September 1879
To Geor(e) Brandes, 11 October 1896
To Geor(e) Brandes, 3 June 1897
To the Reader


W. H. Auden—Genius and Apostle

Bernard Shaw—A Doll's House Again
Rolf Fjelde—Introduction to A Doll House
Sandra Saari—Female Becomes Human: Nora Transformed

J.S. Welhaven—Søfuglen (The Sea Bird)
Rainer Maria Rilke—Letter to Clara Rilke
Michael Goldman—Style as Vision: The Wild Duck, Child Abuse, and History

Henry James—On the Occasion of Hedda Gabler

Henry James—On the Occasion of The Master Builder
Brian Johnston—Plot and Story in The Master Builder

Einar Haugen—Poetry in the Round
Jeanette Lee—Ibsen's Symbolism Defined