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Crime and Punishment, 1st Edition

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • ISBN-10: 0393264270
  • ISBN-13: 9780393264272
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 1989
  • COPYRIGHT: 2019 Published
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About the Product

“These are the voices of Crime and Punishment in all their original, dazzling variety: pensive, urgent, defiant, and triumphant. This new translation by Michael Katz revives the intensity Dostoevsky’s first readers experienced.” —Susan McReynolds,Northwestern University

“Mesmerizingly good . . . the best, truest translation of Dostoevsky’s masterpiece into English. It’s a magnificent, almost terrifying achievement of translation, one that makes its predecessors, however worthy, seem safe and polite.” —Steve Donoghue,Open Letters Monthly

About the Series

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  • PEDAGOGICAL AIDS The map of St. Petersburg and list of characters’ names (accompanied by their etymologies) together help make the novel’s plot and people easier to follow. The serialization history shows how Dostoevsky’s original readers would have encountered the story in 1866.

  • PACKAGE OFFER Students save 25% on packages of two or more NCEs.

  • Michael Katz’s “superb” (Times Literary Supplement) new translation of the world’s most-read Russian novel accompanied by his preface and detailed explanatory footnotes.

  • Names of principal characters, a note on characters’ names, and a map of St. Petersburg.

  • Key excerpts from Dostoevsky’s notebooks, letters, and his early draft of Part II, Chapter 2.

  • Twenty-six scholarly essays on the novel from Russian, European, and American sources.

  • A chronology and a selected bibliography.

New to this edition

  • ACCLAIMED NEW TRANSLATION This “extraordinary” new translation by Michael Katz “brings to English-language readers for the first time the polyphonic realization of the authentic voices of Dostoevsky’s socially diverse characters” and thus “closely realizes Dostoevsky’s original artistic intentions” (Benjamin Rifkin, Hofstra University).