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Literary Studies: A Norton Guide

  • M.A.R. Habib
  • ISBN-10: 039393795X
  • ISBN-13: 9780393937954
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

An inspiring and practical introduction to the English major Literary Studies provides students with an accessible overview of everything they need to know to succeed in their English courses—literary terms, historical periods, theoretical approaches, and more. The guide helps students gain the analytical skills that will benefit them in college and as educated citizens after graduation.


  • Accessible and engaging coverage that gives students the information they need to succeed Literary Studies provides a clear and succinct introduction to prosody, literary terms, historical periods, and theory, written in an engaging narrative style that encourages students. Answering the question “So What Can I do with an English Major?,” the guide provides inspiration alongside practical advice. Literary Studies is an essential reference that students will return to again and again while working toward their degree.

  • Rich with literature from American, English, and World traditions Literary Studies is rich with literature, using diverse examples from every genre to show how to read, how to analyze, and how to write. From William Blake to Zadie Smith, the guide doesn’t just talk about literature, but talks with literature. For instructors wishing to cover the basics of literary study in survey courses, the guide makes an ideal package item with The Norton Anthologies of English, American, and World Literature. Contact your local Norton representative for package ISBNs.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the writing process The guide covers the full spectrum of the writing process—from finding a topic to writing a thesis to finalizing a research paper—and features a variety of written genres. Students will find the writing guidance useful in their English classes, their non-English courses, and their careers post-college.