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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, 2nd Edition

  • Harriet Jacobs
  • ISBN-10: 0393614565
  • ISBN-13: 9780393614565
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2001
  • COPYRIGHT: 2019 Published
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About the Product

“Accompanied by historical photographs, public statements, and correspondence, and by a well-selected sampling of modern criticism, this Norton Critical Edition will stimulate many classroom discussions in years to come.” —Werner Sollors,Harvard University

“This new edition includes an array of reviews and correspondence along with a fresh and diverse set of scholarly critiques that will help students and instructors understand this remarkable autobiography.” —Bryan Sinche,University of Hartford

About the Series

Read by more than 12 million students over fifty-five years, Norton Critical Editions set the standard for apparatus that is right for undergraduate readers. The three-part format—annotated text, contexts, and criticism—helps students to better understand, analyze, and appreciate the literature, while opening a wide range of teaching possibilities for instructors. Whether in print or in digital format, Norton Critical Editions provide all the resources students need.


  • The first edition (1861), with the editors’ explanatory annotations, introduction, and glossary of the people of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

  • Three illustrations.

  • Key public statements by Harriet Jacobs, William C. Nell, the Reverend Francis J. Grimke, and others.

  • A rich selection of correspondence by Harriet Jacobs, Lydia Maria Child, and John Greenleaf Whittier, suggesting Incidents’s initial reception.

  • Ten major critical essays, six of them new to the Second Edition.

  • A Chronology and a Selected Bibliography.

  • WHO’S WHO A list of the characters of Incidents corresponding to their real-life counterparts makes for easy reference between book and history.

New to this edition

  • ILLUSTRATIONS This edition includes reproductions of the only known photograph of Harriet Jacob and a painting of James Norcom (the inspiration for Dr. Flint), along with a facsimile of the book's original title page.