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The Norton Reader + Digital Product License Key Folder with The Norton Reader eBook, Little Seagull Handbook eBook, and InQuizitive for Writers, 15th Edition

  • Melissa Goldthwaite
  • Joseph Bizup
  • Anne Fernald
  • ISBN-10: 0393420523
  • ISBN-13: 9780393420524
  • 0 Pages | Best Buy Package
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

The Norton Reader: 150 Ways to Inspire Your Students to Think and Write The Norton Reader offers 150 ways to inspire your students to think and write about ideas and issues that matter. The most diverse selection of essays, carefully curated, are now more closely connected with new chapter introductions. Essays on timely issues and ideas will engage students, and trusted apparatus will help them read and write. The new edition features more than 60 new contemporary essays, three new chapters, and a new framework for connecting the selections, along with online adaptive learning activities in InQuizitive for Writers that provide additional instruction in sentence editing and working with sources.


  • The greatest breadth and depth of choices, with new selections from today’s most influential writers and thinkers. This new edition offers the most diverse selection of excellent writing, carefully curated and connected across a broad range of authors, themes, and genres, from profiles and narratives to arguments and analyses. With more than 60 new selections from today’s most influential writers and thinkers, The Norton Reader presents a rich variety of perspectives. Known for the breadth and depth of its readings—classic and contemporary, shorter and longer—it’s a book that will inspire students to read and write about issues that matter. Introductions, questions, glosses, and contextual notes help foster close reading and careful writing.

  • A robust set of instructor and student resources, including Norton’s adaptive assessment tool. An easy-to-use array of resources to support instructors and students, including a dynamic and fully accessible ebook and a companion website, helps instructors tailor The Norton Reader's robust and diverse content for their courses. Adaptive online activities in InQuizitive for Writers give instructors the tools they need to provide additional instruction in editing and research skills.

New to this edition

  • Three new chapters and a refreshed organization offer new ways to teach and connect the readings. A reframed table of contents and new chapter introductions show the lively intersection of personal writing with civic conversations and academic ideas. This structure helps students connect the relevance of their individual experiences to the broader cultural context. Three new chapters—"Self and Society," "Where We Live, What We Live For," and "In Conversation"—will inspire and inform their reading and writing about issues that matter.
  • A new section on reading helps students become more active, careful readers. A new section on how to read critically includes an annotated example of active reading, advice on reading with a purpose, and guidance on reading different genres. In addition, new brief introductions to each chapter give students a thought-provoking overview with questions and connections to consider.