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Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, and Practical Application + Navigate 2 Advantage Access, 4th Edition

  • Joseph Tan
  • ISBN-10: 1284153894
  • ISBN-13: 9781284153897
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2021 Published
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About the Product

Adaptive Health Management Information Systems, Fourth Edition is a thorough resource for a broad range of healthcare professionals–from informaticians, physicians and nurses, to pharmacists, public health and allied health professionals–who need to keep pace the digital transformation of health care. Wholly revised, updated, and expanded in scope, the fourth edition covers the latest developments in the field of health management information systems (HMIS) including big data analytics and machine learning in health care; precision medicine; digital health commercialization; supply chain management; informatics for pharmacy and public health; digital health leadership; cybersecurity; and social media analytics.


  • Comprehensive coverage of essential HMIS concepts, including emerging perspectives in health information systems (Health IS/IT), digital health enterprise software, patient-centric technologies, HMIS interoperability, HMIS strategic planning, and management, HMIS standards, governance and international perspectives, and the latest health technologies and innovations.

  • Realistic practice-based scenarios open eachChapter, setting the stage for topic discussion and understanding of major topics.

  • Probing chapter questions to stimulate thinking and comprehension.

  • Access to Navigate 2 online learning materials, including a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, learning analytics reporting tools, and more.

  • Access to Navigate 2 online learning materials, including a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, learning analytics reporting tools, and more.

Table of Contents

Part I: Emergent HMIS Perspectives
Chapter 1: Emerging Perspectives in Health Information Systems/Technologies (Health IS/IT)
Chapter 2: Precision Medicine: Decoding the Biology of Health & Disease
Case Technology Review I: Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: A Review
Chapter 3: Adoption & Commercialization of Digital Health
Case Policy Review I: Online Health Information Seeking: Recasting Access & Digital Equity
Case Mini-Case (Part I): Mental Health Behavioral Analytics

Part II: HMIS Technology & Applications
Chapter 4: Data in Digital Health Systems
Case Technology Review II: Big Data, Geospatial Technology, IoT & Cloud Computing for Health Systems
Chapter 5: Digital Health Enterprise Software: SCM, CRM & ERP
Case Technology Review III: Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Health Systems
Chapter 6: Key Patient-Centric Technologies: EHR, CPOE, CDS & PP
Chapter 7: Pharmacy Informatics: Technologies for the Medication Use Process & Professional Education
Case Mini-Case (Part II): The Case of Lose IT!

Part III: HMIS Planning & Management
Chapter 8: Digital Health Strategic Planning & Strategies for Health Systems
Case Policy Review II: Roles & Responsibilities of Health Systems Leaders & Managers
Chapter 9: Decision Aiding & Predictive Systems: A Framework for Data Mining & Machine Learning for Health Systems Management
Chapter 10: The Role of Informatics in Public Health
Chapter 11: Health IS/IT Project Implementation, Innovation Procurement & Services Management
Case Mini-Case (Part III): Physician Intervention in Reducing Readmissions & Tele-Health Solution

Part IV: HMIS Standards, Policy, Governance & Future
Chapter 12: Clinical Confidentiality, Privacy & Ethical Issues in the Digital Age
Case Policy Review III: Health IT Standards Adoption in Health Systems
Chapter 13: AI & Social Media Analytics for Health Systems: Understanding Consumers' Preferences on Healthcare Services
Chapter 14: Health Care Globalization through Health Information Technology enabled Initiatives
Chapter 15: Emerging Health Technologies: Looking through the Crystal Glass-Globe
Case Mini-Case (Part IV): The Leadership of Future Health

Part V: HMIS Practices and Cases
Case 1: Digital Health Technology Commercialization Strategies
Case 2: EMRs: Utility & Usefulness from a Physician Resident's Perspective
Case 3: St Joseph Mercy Oakland: Digital Leadership in Health Care
Case 4: Theranos: Innovating an Industry Primed for Innovation
Case 5: Patients Like Me (PLM): Social Media in Public Health.

New to this edition

  • Updated mini-cases that illustrate concepts along with related questions to promote thinking or discussion.
  • NEW Technology Reviews concisely covering emerging trends in healthcare technology such as big data analytics, cloud computing, and use of geospatial technology.
  • NEW Policy Reviews the address key policy issues relating to health information access, leadership responsibilities, and Health IT standards adoption.
  • 5 New Major Cases relating to newer major themes of IT/IS provide students and teachers opportunities to interact and debate.