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Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics, 1st Edition

  • Michael Spektor
  • ISBN-10: 0831134941
  • ISBN-13: 9780831134945
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2015 Published
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About the Author

Michael Spektor

Michael Spektor is a retired professor from Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) with more than 50 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering for both industry and academia, both in the US and Europe. He launched a Bachelor’s degree completion program in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at Boeing, and then introduced a Master’s program a few years later. He served as Director of this program, at the same time as teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Mechanical Engineering, including Machine Elements.

Table of Contents

Part One - Differential Equations Of Motion
Chapter 1: Analysis Of Forces
Chapter 2: Analysis of Resisting Forces
Chapter 3: Forces of Inertia
Chapter 4: Damping Forces
Chapter 5: Stiffness Forces
Chapter 6: Constant Resisting Forces
Chapter 7: Friction Forces
Chapter 8: Analysis of Active Forces
Chapter 9: Constant Active Forces
Chapter 10: Sinusoidal Active Forces
Chapter 11: Active Forces Depending on Time
Chapter 12: Active Forces Depending on Velocity
Chapter 13: Active Forces Depending on Displacement

Part Two - Solving Differential Equations of Motion Using Laplace Transforms
Chapter 14: Laplace Transform Pairs For Differential Equations of Motion
Chapter 15: Decomposition of Proper Rational Fractions
Chapter 16: Examples of Decomposition of Fractions
Chapter 17: Examples of Solving Differential Equations of Motion
Chapter 18: Motion by by Inertia with no Resistance
Chapter 19: Motion by Inertia with Resistance of Friction
Chapter 20: Motion by Inertia with Damping Resistance
Chapter 21: Free Vibrations
Chapter 22: Motion Caused by Impact
Chapter 23: Motion of a Damped System Subjected to a Tim Depending Force
Chapter 24: Forced Motion with Damping and Stiffness
Chapter 25: Forced Vibrations

Part Three - Analysis of Typical Mechanical Engineering Systems
Chapter 26: Lifting a Load
Chapter 27: Acceleration
Chapter 28: Braking
Chapter 29: Water Vessel Dynamics
Chapter 30: Dynamics of an Automobile
Chapter 31: Acceleration
Chapter 32: Braking
Chapter 33: Acceleration of a Projectile in the Barrel
Chapter 34: Reciprocation Cycle of a Spring-loaded Sliding Link
Chapter 35: Forward Stroke Due to a Constant Force
Chapter 36: Forward Stroke Due to Initial Velocity
Chapter 37: Backward Stroke
Chapter 38: Pneumatically Operated Soil Penetrating Machine

Part Four - Piece-Wise Linear Approximation
Chapter 39: Penetrating into an Elasto-Plastic Medium
Chapter 40: First Interval
Chapter 41: Second Interval
Chapter 42: Third Interval
Chapter 43: Fourth Interval
Chapter 44: Non-linear Damping Resistance
Chapter 45: First Interval
Chapter 46: Second Interval

Part Five - Dynamics of Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
Chapter 47: Differential Equations of Motion: A Two-Degree-of-Freedom System
Chapter 48: A System with a Hydraulic Link (Dashpot)
Chapter 49: A System with an Elastic Link (Spring)
Chapter 50: A System with a Combination of a Hydraulic Link (Dashpot) and an Elastic Link (Spring)
Chapter 51: Solutions of Differential Equations of Motion for Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
Chapter 52: Solutions for a System with a Hydraulic Link
Chapter 53: Solutions for a System with an Elastic Link
Chapter 54: Solutions for a System with a Combination of a Hydraulic and an Elastic Link
Chapter 55: A System with a Hydraulic Link where the First Mass Is Subjected to a Constant External Force