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Concise History of Western Music, Anthology Update Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder with Total Access Registration Card, 5th Edition

  • Barbara Russano Hanning
  • ISBN-10: 0393421589
  • ISBN-13: 9780393421583
  • 0 Pages | Best Buy Package
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Available July 2020
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About the Product

An anthology and media update for the most student-friendly music history text

This update to Barbara Hanning’s concise survey aligns it with the Eighth Edition of the Norton Anthology of Western Music and supports your students with a more robust media package. New resources include Audio Timelines, tutorials to help build music history skills, and adaptive activities to reinforce concepts.


  • A streamlined, accessible text for today’s students More than a simple redaction of the authoritative History of Western Music, Barbara Hanning’s Concise History of Western Music offers students a manageable introduction to the forces that shaped music. Combining concision with the imaginative pedagogy that her text pioneered, Hanning focuses on an essential repertoire of 109 characteristic works—from the Middle Ages to the present—providing students with the cultural and historical context to illuminate the music and remember its significance.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds
1. Music in Ancient Greece and Early Christian Rome 
2. Chant and Secular Song in the Middle Ages 
3. Polyphony through the Thirteenth Century 
4. French and Italian Music in the Fourteenth Century 

Part Two: The Age of the Renaissance
5. England, France, and Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century 
6. Music of Franco-Flemish Composers, 1450–1520 
7. Secular Song and National Styles in the Sixteenth Century 
8. The Rise of Instrumental Music 
9. Sacred Music in the Era of the Reformation 

Part Three: The Long Seventeenth Century
10. Vocal Music of the Early Baroque and the Invention of Opera 
11. Vocal Music for Chamber and Church in the Early Baroque 
12. Instrumental Music in the Seventeenth Century 
13. Opera and Vocal Music in the Late Seventeenth Century 
14. Baroque Music in the Early Eighteenth Century 

Part Four: The Eighteenth Century
15. The Early Classic Period: Opera and Vocal Music 
16. The Early Classic Period: Instrumental Music 
17. The Late Eighteenth Century: Haydn and Mozart 
18. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) 

Part Five: The Nineteenth Century: The Age of Romanticism
19. The Early Romantics 
20. Opera and Music Drama in the Nineteenth Century 
21. The Later Romantics 
22. Music in the Late Nineteenth Century: Nationalism, Romanticism, and Beyond 

Part Six: The Twentieth Century and Today
23. Classical Modernism 
24. Vernacular Music in America 
25. Radical Modernism 
26. Music between the Two World Wars 
27. The Changing World of Postwar Music 
28. Into the Twenty-First Century 

New to this edition

  • Updated to align with the latest edition of the Norton Anthology of Western Music This update brings the book in line with the Eighth Edition of the Norton Anthology of Western Music. All of the references and discussions in the text have been updated to reflect the 229 works contained in the three volumes, including 37 new or expanded selections.
  • An enhanced media package helps students develop their music history skills and master course content. Music history doesn’t stand still and neither does Norton. Since publication of the original Fifth Edition, we’ve developed new media tools and capabilities that help students develop important analytical skills like score reading while strengthening their mastery of the course content. Norton’s Total Access includes all of these resources in the price of every new print or ebook. New resources include Music History Skill Builders, Audio Timelines, and InQuizitive activities that use formative assessment to facilitate students’ understanding of key concepts.