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Religion Matters: An Introduction to the World's Religions Loose Leaf + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook, InQuizitive, and Videos

  • Stephen Prothero
  • ISBN-10: 0393421945
  • ISBN-13: 9780393421941
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  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

Building religious literacy through the greatest stories ever told A religion is a system of stories, and there is no better way to engage with the world’s religions than through the stories that animate their beliefs and practices. Through the exploration of these ancient stories and contemporary practices, Stephen Prothero, a New York Times–bestselling author and gifted storyteller, helps students better grasp the role of religion in our fractured world and to develop greater religious literacy. Videos and an award-winning adaptive learning tool, InQuizitive, further engage students and help them master core objectives and develop their own religious literacy.


  • A dynamic narrative built around storytelling Each religion tells its own story, many so powerful that they have lasted millennia, providing religious adherents with their foundational identities as well as their core beliefs and practices. With vivid prose Prothero makes these stories fresh and accessible for today’s students, promoting critical engagement and comparative analysis along with a more empathic understanding of the world’s religions.

  • Cultivates religious literacy by emphasizing the unique goals of each religion Many introductory texts emphasize what is common among all religions, potentially giving students a false impression that all religions share common spiritual truths. Without neglecting connections between traditions, Religion Matters focuses much more on what makes each religion distinct—how each has its own problem to solve, and how the solutions to these problems came to be understood and practiced.

  • Highlights the great internal diversity within individual religions The uniqueness of each religion often comes into sharpest focus by examining differences among its adherents. Through a clear presentation of the major features of individual religions and an engaging analysis of the diverse beliefs and practices within those traditions, students are encouraged to avoid “essentialism” by thinking critically about common generalizations and by connecting foundational principles of a religion to the wide variety of beliefs and practices of its modern-day adherents.

  • Resources that build understanding and bring religions to life In order to think critically about religious similarities and differences, students need to understand foundational concepts. Our innovative digital tools help to achieve that goal. Developed by a team of expert teachers working in close collaboration with Stephen Prothero, Religion Matters delivers the most tightly integrated, pedagogically valuable resources available.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: Why Religion Matters

Part I: Religions of Release: India

Chapter 2: Hinduism: The Way of Devotion

Chapter 3: Buddhism: The Way of Awakening

Chapter 4: Sikhism: The Way of the Guru

Part II: Religions of Repair: Middle East

Chapter 5: Judaism: The Way of Exile and Return

Chapter 6: Christianity: The Way of Salvation

Chapter 7: Islam: The Way of Submission

Part III: Religions of Reversion: China and North America

Chapter 8: Confucianism: The Way of Ritual Propriety

Chapter 9: Daoism: The Way of Nature

Chapter 10: Navajo Religion: The Way of Beauty

Part IV: Rejecting Religion

Chapter 11: Atheism and Agnosticism: The Way of No Way