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Roman Art and Archaeology

  • Mark Fullerton
  • ISBN-10: 0500294070
  • ISBN-13: 9780500294079
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

The art of the Roman empire, in social and political context

This new survey makes sense of Roman art by placing works in their full historical context—showing students not only how but also why art was used in Roman society and politics (such as wealthy Romans sponsoring public projects to promote themselves). The book breaks new ground by devoting chapters to art from the provinces, rather than focusing solely on Rome itself. Mark Fullerton provides the most in-depth look at Roman art from across the empire, connecting Roman art to the Mediterranean and the wider world.


  • The broadest historical context—political and social—to aid understanding of Roman art The book places art within the wider story of Rome’s politics and culture, allowing students to better understand why Roman art followed certain styles, and where those styles came from. The part openers contribute a broad historical narrative that the chapters and primary source boxes build on.

  • The most comprehensive coverage of the Roman provinces To give students an understanding of how art was used to convey different messages elsewhere in the empire, the art of the Roman provinces—including Syria, North Africa, and modern-day Turkey—is the main focus of two chapters. This shows students that art was also being made outside of Rome and introduces them to the ancient art and history of the wider Roman world.

  • Unmatched visuals enable students to understand and experience the art in context With more than 450 images, including over 50 plans and reconstructions of key Roman buildings, Roman Art and Archaeology offers the clearest window into how Romans might have viewed, interacted with, and interpreted their art. Students gain a clear comprehension of what the works meant to people who created them.

  • Superior examination of the materials and techniques that make Roman art uniquely Roman The book focuses as much on how Roman art was made as why. The introduction, "What Is Roman about Roman Art?," primes students for understanding the key qualities of Roman art. Materials and Techniques boxes throughout the book highlight specific Roman artistic developments, allowing students to appreciate what the Romans contributed to the history of art.