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Bigger than History: Why Archaeology Matters

  • Brian M. Fagan
  • ISBN-10: 0500295093
  • ISBN-13: 9780500295090
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

Why Archaeology Matters Today

An exciting and much anticipated new archaeology title written by titan Brian Fagan and journalist Nadia Durrani, Bigger than History introduces students to archaeology’s contributions to many of today’s important debates of interest to students. Each chapter focuses on one of today’s important topics, such as gender equality, ethnicity and racism, climate change, and nationality and nationalism, showing how archaeology contributes to our understanding of the issues related to those topics. Bigger than History is affordable and concise enough to be used alongside a textbook, or on its own to engage and draw students into learning about archaeology.


  • Engages students with current issues The book’s central aim is to demonstrate how archaeology contributes to contemporary debates, like those over gender, ethnicity, and climate change, offering powerful cases for why students should value archaeology as a discipline that is relevant in today’s world.

  • Written by famous archaeological writers Brian Fagan has written many textbooks and books for the public, and is an unmatched storyteller in archaeology. Nadia Durrani—who has co-authored archaeology textbooks with Brian—brings her close knowledge of the political and social issues surrounding current archaeology to the book. Together they write in a way that is respected, current, and engaging.

  • Designed to complement a textbook, or be assigned as a standalone book Its price, accessible language, and references to well-known archaeological examples means that Bigger than History can be easily used alongside a regular textbook. Instructors can assign chapters with the knowledge that the exposition will draw students in and help them ask questions that will be answered in lecture, discussions, or when reading their textbook.

Table of Contents



1. Revealing Deep History

2. Investigating Climate Change

3. Revealing Who We Are

4. Exploring Gender

5. Archaeology and Nationalism

6. The Tourist Effect

7. Protecting the Past

8. Why Archaeology Matters

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