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The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology, 1st Edition

  • Kieran O'Doherty
  • ISBN-10: 1473969263
  • ISBN-13: 9781473969261
  • 0 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2019 Published
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About the Product

In the present epoch of global change, movement, interconnection and the intensification of social issues within and across many societies, applied social psychology is more relevant than ever. The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology offers an overview of the field and the disparate and evolving approaches. Through an international team of contributors, the handbook brings prominent research literature together and organises it around ten key areas:

Table of Contents

Part 1: Culture, race, indigeneity
Chapter 1: Acculturation & Its Application: A Conceptual Review and Analysis
Chapter 2: Heritage and (In)Equality: Social Psychology Applied to Race
Chapter 3: Decolonising Applied Social Psychology: Culture, Indigeneity and Coloniality

Part 2: Gender & Sexuality
Chapter 4: Interventions to Reduce Violence Against Women: The Contribution of Applied Social Psychology
Chapter 5: Trans* and gender diverse youth: Applied and critical social psychology working in the margins
Chapter 6: The social psychology of gender & sexuality: theory, application, transformation

Part 3: Politics
Chapter 7: Avenues Towards an Applied Social Psychology of Democratic Citizenship
Chapter 8: Critical social psychology of politics
Chapter 9: Macropsychology: Challenging and changing social structures and systems to promote social inclusion

Part 4: Health and mental health
Chapter 10: Social cognitive approaches to health issues
Chapter 11: Critical health psychology: Applications for social action
Chapter 12: Community Based Mental Health in Cultural Contexts: From deinstitutionalisation to engaged and authentic community based care

Part 5: Work
Chapter 13: Social Cognition in the Workplace: The Future of Research on the Meaning of Work
Chapter 14: Applied Social Psychologies, the Neoliberal Labour-Market Subject and Critique
Chapter 15: Standing Up for Sustainable Livelihoods: From Poverty to Prosperity

Part 6: Ageing
Chapter 16: Ageing in Context: Ageism in Action
Chapter 17: Social policy and social identities for older people
Chapter 18: Successful Ageing and Community

Part 7: Communication
Chapter 19: Social Cognition and Communication: From Attitudes and Persuasion to Cross-Cultural Psychology, Social Representations, Discourse, and the Technologies of Digital Influence
Chapter 20: Discursive Psychology as Applied Science
Chapter 21: Public Deliberation and Social Psychology: Integrating Theories of Participation with Social Psychological Research and Practice

Part 8: Education
Chapter 22: Applying Social Psychology to Education
Chapter 23: Critical Layering in Participatory Inquiry and Action: Praxis and Pedagogy in Seeking Educational Change

Part 9: Environment
Chapter 24: Using Social Psychology to Protect the Environment
Chapter 25: The psychogeographical turn in applied social psychology
Chapter 26: Community and Participatory Approaches to the Environment

Part 10: Criminal Justice, Law, & Crime
Chapter 27: Social Psychology and Law
Chapter 28: Critical social psychology and victims of crime: Gendering violence, risk and dangerousness in the society of captives