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Western Civilizations, Volume One Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder with eBook, InQuizitive, and History Skills Tutorials, 20th Edition

  • Joshua Cole
  • Carol Symes
  • ISBN-10: 0393418839
  • ISBN-13: 9780393418835
  • 0 Pages | Best Buy Package
  • COPYRIGHT: 2020 Published
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About the Product

With new scholarship and learning tools, this #1 text is more innovative than ever Used by more than a million students since its original publication, Western Civilizations became the leading text for the course by combining historical scholarship with classroom innovation. Master scholars/teachers Joshua Cole and Carol Symes enhance coverage of the West in a global context with a new focus on migration and nationalism. Dynamic digital resources, including award-winning InQuizitive activities and new History Skills Tutorials for every chapter, guide students from basic content understanding to analysis and interpretation.


  • A strong framework guides student reading comprehension Based on years of experience teaching the Western Civ course, master teachers Cole and Symes have crafted a clear and engaging narrative framed around core learning goals. Guided reading features before and after each chapter give students a clear sense of what to read for, and the InQuizitive learning tool features new questions designed to help students master the historical themes, connections, and big-picture ideas of each chapter before coming to class. The Interactive Instructor’s Guide includes videos of Cole and Symes providing extra guidance for instructors on how to teach topics that typically challenge students.

  • Groundbreaking features help students engage in historical analysis and interpretation Cole and Symes understand how to help students move beyond the basics and engage in historical analysis and interpretation. Western Civilizations includes a wealth of primary source material and a strong framework for developing historical thinking skills. In-text primary source features invite students to analyze documents and visual sources, and new History Skills Tutorials for each chapter give students the opportunity to practice analysis and interpretation of historical documents, images, and maps.

  • Still the best value, with great options to support your course In addition to being one of the most affordable texts in its market, Western Civilizations offers a variety of flexible options, including excellent value for a variety of packaging options. Discount package options include the Perspectives from the Past primary source reader, also available in a new edition; titles in the Norton Critical Edition series; and Norton trade paperback titles.

Table of Contents

Combined Volume: Chapters 1–29

Vol 1: Chapters 1–16 (Early Civilzations through Absolutism and the Scientific Revolution)

Vol 2: Chapters 10–29 (Later Medieval World to the Present)

Available of Full Edition only:

Vol A: Chapters 1–12 (Early Civilizations through the Renaissance)

Vol B: Chapters 7–18 (Fall of Rome to the French Revolution)

Vol C: Chapters 17–29 (Enlightenment to the Present)

Chapter 1 Early Civilizations

Chapter 2 Peoples, Gods, and Empires: 1700–500 B.C.E.

Chapter 3 The Civilization of Greece, 1000–400 B.C.E.

Chapter 4 The Greek World Expands, 400–150 B.C.E.

Chapter 5 The Civilization of Ancient Rome

Chapter 6 The Transformation of Rome

Chapter 7 Rome’s Three Heirs, 500–950

Chapter 8 The Expansion of Europe, 950–1100

Chapter 9 The Consolidation of Europe, 1100–1250

Chapter 10 The Medieval World, 1250–1350

Chapter 11 Rebirth and Unrest, 1350–1453

Chapter 12 Innovation and Exploration, 1453–1520

Chapter 13 The Age of Dissent and Division, 1520–1569

Chapter 14 Europe in the Atlantic World, 1564–1650

Chapter 15 European Monarchies and Absolutism, 1660–1725

Chapter 16 The New Science of the Seventeenth Century

Chapter 17 Europe during the Enlightenment

Chapter 18 The French Revolution

Chapter 19 The Industrial Revolution and Nineteenth-Century Society

Chapter 20 The Age of Ideologies: Europe in the Aftermath of Revolution, 1815–1848

Chapter 21 Revolutions and Nation-Building, 1848–1871

Chapter 22 Imperialism and Colonialism, 1870–1914

Chapter 23 Modern Industry and Mass Politics, 1870–1914

Chapter 24 The First World War

Chapter 25 Turmoil between the Wars

Chapter 26 The Second World War

Chapter 27 The Cold War World: Global Politics, Economic Recovery, and Cultural Change

Chapter 28 Red Flags and Velvet Revolutions: The End of the Cold War, 1960–1990

Chapter 29 A World without Walls: Globalization and the West

New to this edition

  • New scholarship reflects timely themes of migration and nationalism Authors Joshua Cole (University of Michigan) and Carol Symes (University of Illinois) are not just first-rate teachers—they are also first-rate scholars. In this latest edition they’ve built in new research on migration, nationalism, identity, and difference—material that amplifies the book’s commitment to presenting Europe in a global context. All of this is represented in a coherent, compelling narrative in a strong chronological framework, with Symes solely responsible for writing the first volume and Cole the second volume.