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Browse the page for professional learning resources that have been carefully selected to support Nelson's psychological and educational assessment tools. These books address early language development, gifted learners, dyslexia, attention, and long term learning solutions. Simply add these books with any test material order for ease of delivery.

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The School Counselor's Guide to ADHD

Richard A. Lougy, Silvia L. DeRuvo, David Rosenthal

ISBN: 9781412966535

This book covers not only principal causes, symptoms, and interventions for ADHD, but also current, detailed information on executive brain function


Classroom Management Techniques for Students With ADHD

Roger Pierangelo, George Giuliani

ISBN: 9781412917889

This valuable resource provides general and special education professionals with an understanding of ADHD and appropriate strategies to help children participate in the classroom experience and develop to their fullest potential.


Teaching Young Children With ADHD

Richard A. Lougy, Silvia L. DeRuvo, David Rosenthal

ISBN: 9781412941600

This resource provides general education teachers with a solid understanding of ADHD, detailed descriptions of how it manifests in preschool and the primary grades, and research-based approaches for designing and adapting instruction to meet the needs of all young children.



Catch a Falling Reader

Connie R. Hebert

ISBN: 9781412956062

This book will inspire teachers and coaches as they strive to improve the confidence and performance of struggling readers in kindergarten and the primary grades.


How the Brain Learns to Read

David A. Sousa

ISBN: 9781483333946

With so much more to be shared--and so much more to be heard--this second edition has been revised and updated to show what the ever-growing body of research looks like in an entirely new learning climate.


10 Essential Instructional Elements for Students With Reading Difficulties

Andrew P. Johnson

ISBN: 9781483373775

Drawing from five key areas of neurocognitive research, the author provides a ten-point teaching strategy that encompasses vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing and more.

Learning Disability


Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Roger Pierangelo, George Giuliani

ISBN: 9781412916011

Written in an easy-to-read format by experts in special education, this step-by-step guide presents a comprehensive look at learning disabilities, such as cognitive or memory deficits, social-emotional problems, and dyslexia.


Differentiating Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities

William N. Bender

ISBN: 9781412998598

This new edition offers the tools and strategies educators need to maximize achievement for all students in today's inclusive classrooms.


Using Technology to Engage Students With Learning Disabilities

Billy Krakower, Sharon LePage Plante

ISBN: 9781506318264

By engaging students with learning disabilities using the technology already at your fingertips, you'll see your students begin to thrive and grow in exciting new ways


Strategy Instruction for Middle and Secondary Students with Mild Disabilities

Greg Conderman, Laura Hedin, Val Bresnahan

ISBN: 9781412996327

Whether you teach in an inclusive, resource, or self-contained setting, there's no better guide for teaching your students learning strategies that will last a lifetime.


Different Brains, Different Learners

Eric Jensen

ISBN: 9781412965026

This new edition offers the tools and strategies educators need to maximize achievement for all students in today's inclusive classrooms.


How the Special Needs Brain Learns

David A. Sousa

ISBN: 9781506327020

Expert David A. Sousa explores the causes of many common learning disorders, illustrating how educators can identify, accommodate, and motivate students.


Dyslexia: Action Plans for Successful Learning

Glynis Hannell

ISBN: 9781890455002

Offering an abundance of practical strategies for successful learning, the book covers issues such as reading comprehension, spatial awareness and math, written language, visual tracking, and awareness of sounds in speech and spelling.