Woodcock-Johnson III NU (WJ III-NU)


The Woodcock-Johnson III NU contains two distinct, co-normed batteries: the WJ III NU Tests of Achievement and the WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities. Both batteries are appropriate for ages 2 to 90+, and together provide a comprehensive system for measuring general intellectual ability (g), specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude, oral language, and achievement.
Professionals use the WJ III NU to:

  • Diagnose learning disabilities
  • Determine discrepancies
  • Plan educational programs
  • Plan individual programs
  • Assess growth
  • Provide psychometric training
  • Provide guidance in educational and clinical settings
  • Conduct research

Restricted to Level A qualified customers for Achievement
Restricted to Level C qualified customers for Cognitive Battery

Woodcock–Johnson IV is now available

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