Woodcock-Johnson III NU (WJ III-NU)


The Woodcock-Johnson III NU contains two distinct, co-normed batteries: the WJ III NU Tests of Achievement and the WJ III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities. Both batteries are appropriate for ages 2 to 90+, and together provide a comprehensive system for measuring general intellectual ability (g), specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude, oral language, and achievement.
Professionals use the WJ III NU to:

  • Diagnose learning disabilities
  • Determine discrepancies
  • Plan educational programs
  • Plan individual programs
  • Assess growth
  • Provide psychometric training
  • Provide guidance in educational and clinical settings
  • Conduct research

Restricted to Level A qualified customers for Achievement
Restricted to Level C qualified customers for Cognitive Battery

Price List

Effective December 2018 WJ III kits are no longer available. We will continue selling test records until December 2019, at which point WJ III will be fully retired.


Woodcock–Johnson IV is now available

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