Woodcock Interpretive and Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP)


By combining contemporary CHC theory with research and scholarship, the new Woodcock Interpretive and Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP) provides a detailed interpretation of student performance on the WJ IV. Measured limitations are linked to carefully targeted, evidence-based instructional interventions and accommodations, providing a crucial connection that can help examiners more effectively build skills, teach strategies, and ultimately improve learning outcomes.

Equipped with the data necessary to make sound clinical and instructional differences, examiners can make a real difference in a student’s education plan.

Reports generated in WIIIP:

  • Provide formative interventions based on item level data
  • Are derived from psychometrically sound WJ IV scores
  • Offer interventions for CHC cognitive factors

WIIIP reports also provide actionable steps for schools and practitioners working on problem-solving teams, and can serve as an ideal solution for implementing discrepancy models or Response to Intervention (RTI) processes.

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