Pupil Attitude to Self and School (PASS)


PASS, Pupil Attitude to Self and School, is a new addition to our emotional well-being portfolio. PASS examines nine attitudinal factors, proven to be significantly linked to key educational goals, and learning and behavior difficulties. PASS provides insight into pupil’s mindset to help schools discover the often-hidden reasons behind low achievement, challenging behavior or poor attendance, often before they manifest themselves. A fully digital and inexpensive tool, this 20-minute assessment is accompanied by an Online Intervention System containing more than 2000 possible intervention strategies.

The 9 standardized measures:

  • Feelings about school
  • Perceived learning capability
  • Self-regard
  • Preparedness for learning
  • Attitudes to teachers
  • General work ethic
  • Confidence in learning
  • Attitudes to attendance
  • Response to curriculum demands

What can I do with the results?

  • Identify and understand attitudinal barriers to learning that may be affecting achievement
  • Inform teaching and learning strategies and intervention programs
  • Help improve behaviours, attendance and overall achievement
  • Provide important information for pastoral support and working with parents

4 versions available:

  • Elementary version – includes audio for struggling readers
  • Middle school version
  • Secondary Version
  • College transition version

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