Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests (GMRT)


Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests (GMRT) enable schools to determine students’ general levels of vocabulary and reading comprehension. 
With results from GMRT, schools will be able to:

  • Identify students for further individual diagnostic testing
  • Plan instructional emphases
  • Identify at–risk students prior to provincial testing
  • Identify students needing more advanced materials
  • Measure growth of learning
  • Evaluate effectiveness of instruction
  • Report to parents on student progress

GMRT requires 55 minutes to administer for students in Grades 2–12. There is no time limit on tests for K–1 students as the teacher paces the test based on students.

GMRT online is available for high school students. Administering the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests® (GMRT) online delivers results quickly and requires no hand–scoring. With GMRT online, you still get the same great features of the paper-pencil version, plus more. 

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