Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS-R)


Accurately measure growth and readiness with a proven assessment

The Canadian Test of Basic Skills from Nelson measures student achievement and growth across a continuum of rigorous updated learning standards from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Learning is a continuous process, and individuals learn incrementally and at different rates. When we measure progress, we avoid applying arbitrary labels to students or placing them in buckets. Instead, by monitoring growth, we focus on setting long-term goals and understanding student progress towards college and career readiness. Using growth data can help you plan instruction and implement swift curriculum changes based on what students know and can do.

The Canadian Test of Basic Skills enables administrators and educators to:

  • Monitor Growth using a continuous, researched-based, vertical scale to accurately measure academic progress from Kindergarten through high school
  • Indicate College and Career Readiness through high-quality, easily accessible, and interpretable assessment data helping educators and families determine whether students are on track for college and careers
  • Engage students through an attractive four-color design
  • Evaluate student mastery of next generation skills and rigorous learning standards
  • Provide actionable data and support
  • Items align to one of three cognitive levels, providing an additional view of mastery
  • Skill and core domain alignment and reporting
  • Reporting suite includes Lexile┬« and Quantile┬« measures
  • Ancillaries include printed materials and training materials

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate longitudinal data reporting within and across school years
  • A vertical scale that provides a reliable and consistent measure of growth
  • Standard score growth continuum that provides more accurate data than other competing instruments
  • Enhanced tools for differentiation that accurately assess the growth of low- and high-performing students
  • Universal Screening that can be used within the Response to Intervention framework

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