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Our Land and People

Teaching Resource

The Our Land and People Teaching Resource provides practical support for the Student Resource, Activity Card Package, and Audio CD. The Teaching Resource contains thorough lesson plans, strategies for lesson modification, and Blackline Masters for activities, maps, and assessment. Curriculum outcomes are identified for every chapter and for each of the lessons within the Student Resource. The Teaching Resource includes classroom-embedded strategies based on the latest research into student engagement, literacy and inquiry skills building, and critical thinking. The Teaching Resource is also available in CD Rom and online.

To view a sample of Chapter 6 of the Teaching Resource, please click HERE.

In addition, here are a number of sample selections from the audio CD linked to chapter 6 in the Student Book.

Chapter 6: Barges Connect Us to the Mainland

Reading from Kids Speak: Peter, in the SR, page 100

Chapter 6: Seal Hunting in the Arctic

Reading from Kids Speak: Ronnie in the SR, page 102

Chapter 6: A Dog Team Race

Sounds of a dog team race

Chapter 6: Snowmobiles Racing

Sounds of a snowmobile racing

Chapter 6: Nunavut Journal

Reading from Barry Rueger and Victoria Fenner's travel journal


To view the following videos you will need an installed copy of a version of that company's RealPlayer®.
The RealPlayer Basic program is simple to install, and it is free. To download it, students should use this link.