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The Canadian Heritage website has detailed information about Canada's Coat of Arms.


Supplementary Information

The CKUA Sound Archives Online Catalogue features an audio interview with Owen Beattie and John Geiger discussing their discovery of the three bodies from the Franklin Expedition.

Access Excellence, at the National Health Museum in the US, hosts a website called Arctica where Owen Beattie has written about his findings and the mystery surrounding the Franklin Expedition.

The National Geographic website provides background information on the search for the lost ships of the Franklin Expedition following Owen Beattie's 1985 discovery.




See the Canada Post website to learn more about Canadian Stamps. The site has information about stamp collecting, the stamp selection policy, and postal archives. It also includes links to the Canadian Postal Museum.

Supplementary Information

  • Using Primary Sources

The website Canada In The Making provides a good introduction to using primary sources in research.

Online Maps

For modern maps of Canada, see .

You can view Champlain's map on the Library and Archives Canada website. The site also features an interesting page with information about the evolution of mapmaking from the 16th century onward. It can help with mapping skills.




Dramamuse is the theatrical company of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It specializes in plays about Canada's past.

Focus On Inquiry

The website for the Canadian Museum of Civilization covers many topics related to colonial life in North America . See the 'History' link for several listings related to Canada 's colonial past. View the Virtual Museum of New France for information about explorers and First Nations, and the like.

The Colonial House website is based around a US television series in which modern people experience 17th century colonial life.




  • Alberta Fur Trade Forts

Alberta, How The West Was Young is a website with information about Alberta 's history and heritage.

The Royal Alberta Museum has a great page about the relationship between the fur trade and archeology in Alberta.

See this site for information on Forts in Alberta.



Focus On Inquiry

  • Oaths

The CBC has a page called 'Becoming a Canadian Citizen' where Canada's oath of citizenship can be found. The American oath of allegiance is on the US Citizenship and Immigration website.

This is an example of a confidentiality oath.




  • Biographies of Loyalists

Library and Archives Canada has a Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. A keyword search with 'loyalists' brings up hundreds of entries.

The Nova Scotia museum website includes a History of Black Loyalists. Select the 'People' option from the menu to read biographies of Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia.

Focus On Inquiry

  • Laura Secord

Galafilm is a Montréal-based company that produced a documentary on the War of 1812, The Valour and the Horror: The War of 1812. See this site for information about the role Laura Secord played in the war.

The provincial government website for Niagara Parks has a brief history of Laura Secord.

The Project Gutenberg website has an 1887 play about Laura Secord.

The Canadian Military Heritage Project is a privately sponsored site that specializes in military history and genealogy. It has a version of Laura Secord's story.




  • Papineau Station

The Montréal Métro website has a section on Papineau Station that shows the murals that decorate the station's walls.

Focus On Inquiry

  • Grosse Île National Historic Site

View the Parks Canada website for history and statistics relating to Grosse Île.

Supplementary Information

For a variety of perspectives on democracy see the following websites for short biographies of some well known advocates of reform.

Thomas Jefferson and Democracy: A Haudensaunee Perspective

Martin Luther King Jr.

Mohandas Gandhi



Focus On Inquiry

  • "O Canada"

The Canadian Heritage website provides the lyrics to "O Canada" in both English and French.



Focus On Inquiry

  • Louis Riel Day

The Métis Nation of Alberta website has information about Métis Week and Louis Riel day as it is celebrated in different regions around Alberta. Search the term "Louis Riel week" to find a variety of pages about the celebration.

At the Métis Nation of Ontario website, search "Riel Day" with a specific year to find out about past and upcoming celebrations around Ontario.

Supplementary Information

The Second Reading of the Louis Riel Bill and the Canadian Government's 1992 Apology for the Execution of Louis Riel are interesting documents that show Riel's importance as a Canadian figure.


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is expected to open in 2010 in Winnipeg. See the museum's website to monitor its progress.



Focus On Inquiry

Biographies and History of Immigrants to Canada:

The website for Pier 21, the main entry-point to Canada during the 20th century, is a good source for history and biographies about immigration to Canada .

The Canada Heirloom Series profiles many of the different cultures that have immigrated to Canada.

The Government site for Canada's digital collections features insightful interviews with Somali immigrants.



Focus On Inquiry

  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Women's issues and Aboriginal issues:

Mennonite Centre for Newcomers has links to many NGOs that offer services for newcomers to Canada.

The Alberta government publishes a list of NGOs, including those involved with women's issues and Aboriginal peoples' issues.

The Alberta Native Friendship Centre (ANFC) is a good resource for information about local events and affairs. It includes a listing of other centres in Alberta. ANFC is involved in urban Aboriginal issues.

For topical information about Franco-Albertan issues see L'Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta.

Urbanization and agricultural issues :

The National Farmers Union website examines issues concerning agriculture in Canada.

4-H Alberta is an organization that encourages young people to be self-reliant and to participate in the community. Its focus is on agricultural and rural development.